Using Set Out Wisely

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Using Set Out Wisely Empty Using Set Out Wisely

Post by Soda on Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:50 am

So in Hidden training you're allowed to "Set Out" Heroes you aren't using.
This means a lot of people shoved useless 5*s or something there, but that's a giant waste of potential.

So here's a few tricks to make that timed afk more useful.

1) Set out gives card EXP when they finish, this is NOT affected enough by the ammount of time a card was set out for. 8 hours gives more than 1 hour sure, but it caps out at about 2x exp instead of the 8x you'd think. Always aim for the shortest set out time, no matter how tempting a 3star quest seems it's really not worth it. If you're going to bed or work and you'll be gone long enough for 4-8 hours to finish, then by all means go for it.

TLDR: 1 hour set outs are worth more exp if you time yourself to come back and set out again.

2) Ignore the temptation of 2-3 star quests if they're 4 or 8 hours. Always look for 1 hour runs... it's just worth more exp. 4-6 star quests are worth the time investment.

3) You can level a new 5* or 6* hero by feeding it 100 maxed chests (just hit "Max" when opening max chest bags and it'll open 100 regardless of hero limit) if you don't have kings chests. Then place them in Set Out, they'll gain EXP slowly while you work on getting their evolution materials ready (You can't evolve a set out hero till they return, but they'll still be leveling). Cards gain slightly more EXP based on their current level, so they'll always grow at a reasonable rate... perhaps even faster than if they were in your team if you were not running dungeons.

4) Set out "Quests" are locked to the SPOT not the HERO. If you have more than 1 hero free and you REALLY want one to level faster but it only has 4/8 hour quests, check the other spots for a 1 hour run. You can swap heroes around spots to make sure your priority is running 1 hours constantly if you time it well.

5) Don't have a priority level target? use a 3 or 4*, leveling them to max to fortify into another hero. This way you're "Storeing" EXP instead of shoving it on random 5*s you don't really care about.
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Using Set Out Wisely Empty Thanks!

Post by Zandig on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:16 am

Thanks for posting this, Soda. Awesome information! Love reading your posts.


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