April Fools event?

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April Fools event?

Post by Clusterone on Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:17 pm

Hello Summoners,

Here's the information for the next event. Please note that we have a special surprise for you all on April 1st as well!

Event time: 3/29/14 00:00 a.m. - 4/5/14 00:00 a.m.

ZQGame Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1eWZPhe
App Store: bit.ly 1kYiqx4
Google Play: bit.ly 1ebgfC2
Amazon Appstore: http://www.amzn.to/1dyM6cF

Players get 2x Card EXP in battle for the duration of this event!

During the event, players who refill up to certain amount of Diamonds can claim below rewards. Rewards are accumulated and can only be claim once per tier.

Refill 108 Diamonds to get Large Action Potion x5
Refill 312 Diamonds to get Summon Voucher x3
Refill 630 Diamonds to get Sun Chest x2
Refill 1350 Diamonds to get Courage Gem x1000
Refill 3600 Diamonds to get Honor x200000
Refill 6000 Diamonds to get 5-Star Energy Stone x3
Refill 12000 Diamonds to get 6-Star Evolving Material Pack x5
Refill 18000 Diamonds to get 5- Star Dungeon Crystal x7
Refill 24000 Diamonds to get Max Chest Monster x80
Refill 30000 Diamonds to get 5-Star Fusion Stone x5

Exchange events will be in the Event Hall. Do not miss your chance!

30 Diamonds + 10 Booster Gem = Large Energy Potion x1.
40 Booster Gem = Large Energy Potion x1.
27000 Gold = Lv1 Rune Pack x1.
240,000 Gold = Lv1 Rune Pack x10.
2,100,000 Gold = Lv1 Rune Pack x100
40 Diamonds + 5 Booster Gem = 500k Gold.
65 Diamonds + 9 Star Chest = Lv5 Rune Pack x1.
65 Diamonds + 5 Booster Gem = Lv5 Rune Pack x1.
58 Diamonds + 8 Booster Gem = 4-Star Dungeon Crystal x1.
58 Diamonds + 16 Courage Gem = 4-Star Dungeon Crystal x1.
100 Star Chest = Summon Voucher x1.
60 Diamonds + 15 Booster Gem = Summon Voucher x1.
160 Courage Gem = Summon Voucher x1.
100 Diamonds = Spin Voucher x12.

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