Ygress in pvp and Build class trees tank/dps

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Ygress in pvp and Build class trees tank/dps

Post by Left4Dead on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:23 pm

As it stands some people think ygress just sucks. which is wrong. people just dont realize shes part of a build. a certain type of dps. DOTs. She is great paired up with any backliners. a Build i have used effectively is as follows

Frontline Top Edvard Bottom Allon Back line Ygress,Tarxus(Tao)*

If you are lacking Damage you may replace tao with a 1 shot dps or preferably vera for DOT

to fully utilize this build heroes must be awakened exception of tanks in front. Tao does decent damage awakened.

With Ygress and tarxus the DOT is amazing. plus edvard for chip damage.

By herself ygress is much less effective.

As for build class trees. My guide is as follows. There are different types of tanks. Defense,offense,Hybrid and stunners. For more advanced tanking and play Type Brogar which brings in Zoning type along with Aelis builds.

Dps classifications are as follow. 1 shot dps, Aoe dps,Multi hit Dps, and DOT dps (damage over time)

For pvp builds there are a number of tactical standpoints to take up on. the variety is huge. you should always plan out your formation,Your tank types,Damage type preference e.g. DOT aoe multi hit, and 1 shot dps. your strategy in battle shall be your downfall or uprising. if you dont have the necessary heroes for whatever build you choose find a way to obtain them.

love pvp ive studied it inside and out on every type of game. this one know exception.

for my friends with ygress

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Re: Ygress in pvp and Build class trees tank/dps

Post by MrHasuu on Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:03 pm

okay you sait it yourself. DOT (DAMGE OVER TIME) this refers to inflicting some damage on one's foe which will be applied at a regular interval for a limited duration. The damage is applied every X seconds, where X varies from one tick (when periodic damage is dealt once, one interval) to the next. Things like POISON, BURN, CURSE, etc are considered as DOT such as VERA'S POISONS AND CAN DEAL DOT DMG. YGRESS DOES NOT. UGH HOW CAN YOU GET THIS WRONG. JUST READING THIS HURT MY HEAD

(calming down period)...

as for the ygress talk, i've used a ygress for a long long time i've pumped her damage as high as i could with a good weapon and good helmet for high crit/atk. at a higher level the damage output she does was only around 30~40% to a single target that is way too low for a single target nuke hero.

i'm very familiar with the comp you're trying to put together an AOE/backline destroy comp. the idea is that if they have no damage dealers in the backline they cant win.

2 edvard on frontline can poke through the frontline of opposing team and stab the back. aoe,backline attackers such as ygress, tao, tarxus, tharndir are the typical team comp with this. but overall later on when you're over LV100 these are all worthless. the enemies you face will have so much health that you'll die before even killing one of the backline heroes.
dont believe me? wait and see.


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