Guild Information (1.5 patch info)

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Guild Information (1.5 patch info) Empty Guild Information (1.5 patch info)

Post by Kazuki on Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:06 am

Got some info on requirements to create a guild from the "Hero Dream" facebook page. Hero Dream is a direct replica of Pocket Knights for a different region I suppose. Same management/company though.

To create a guild it requires you to be:
1.player level 50+
2.Be VIP5
3.It costs 1000 diamonds

Now i can't 100% guarantee that these requirements will stay the same for our version but we can make a safe assumption it will. The 1.5 patch for their version dropped today so i'm going to fish for more info and update with more news as I find it.

Update: I got info on max amount of players in a guild. A guild at level 1 can hold 30 players max. For every level it raises the maximum amount of players by 10.

Guild Information (1.5 patch info) IJx1zRLcqhIO5

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