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Courage Hero Analysis Empty Courage Hero Analysis

Post by Soda on Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:53 pm

These deserve their own little sections simply due to the effort it takes to mass up courage gems (unless you're already a high rank mobile killing machine... get it? mobile... cause it's played on the phone or tablet... no? pft whatever, that's funny)
Note that all Courage heroes share a minor con of being Courage Gem only, as such you can't get lucky and pull an already awakened Boss from the S.Summon.

Aka Allons-y, Punch 1st Think Later
5* Warrior
40000 Courage Gems to complete (200 for a piece)

Leader Skill: DEF Boost +20% DEF at the start
Crit- Massive Stun (Allon punches every enemy a few times with a chance to stun

Super Tanky, the highest base DEF 5* warriors
Chance to stun the entire enemy team
Usually free to call if you need to move furniture
Good at making firewood and chopping trees, with his fists

Not the best HP for a tank (DEF and utility make up for this)
CHANCE to stun means you may stun 5 targets or stun nothing
Lower damage against single targets due to AoE Crit
Has bad BO sometimes and doesn't notice
Almost broke your finger once when you shook hands, he thought it was funny

Should I get/level/awaken Allon?
Yes, Yes, Probably
Allon is less of a tank and more like a bulldozer. He brings amazing utility with his AoE damage and stun (even if it's a chance) and can soak up a lot of punishment on the front line.
His damage isn't spectacular but then the chance of shutting down an entire enemy team every 3 turns makes him and the rest of your team survive much longer.
An Awakened Allon can potentially stun the entire enemy team on turn one, giving you a chance to get off a Crit with everyone else (or at least prepare the Crit if they aren't awakened). You can get two Allons and awaken one of them to have a massive stun on turns one and two, potentially locking down the enemy for 2/3 turns as well as soaking up insane ammounts of damage.

Aka Tarx, Lady Luck, Gamble Gal
5* Mage
40000 Courage Gems to complete (200 for a piece)

Leader Skill: CRIT Boost +20% Crit at the start
Crit- Destroy (Tarxus summons big spooky claws that scratches the back of all enemy units... uh painfully)

High ATK and CRIT with AoE Crit skill
Better DEF than most mages
Wealthy, has all the newest gaming consoles hooked up to large HD Televisions
Drives you to places in her sweet luxury car so you look super important and cool

Normal attacks multi hit, calculating enemy DEF more often
AoE is less effective on single targets (but only hits once, checking DEF one time)
Never pays when she loses a bet to you, says she was "Just joking" but demands you pay her when she wins
Extremely poor loser, complains and bribes till she gets what she wants

Should I get/level/awaken Tarxus
Maybe, depends on your team set up
Tarxus deals decent damage per attack (slightly weaker due to multi hit) and her Crit deals a devestating single hit to every enemy unit.
Tarxus can Crit for heavier damage than other AoE attacks due to the single strike, potentially weakening the frontline enough for a quick turn one kill.
Awakening Tarxux and placing her on the top of the back row will almost ensure her Crit hits the entire enemy team (unless your frontline got a kill) which allows your next two DPS units to pottentially finish off the frontline in turn one (works better if they are awakened as well)
Tarxus is a good balance between AoE and single target, being good at both roles but not great.

Aka Einy, Horo, Spooky Shadow
6* Mage
200000 Courage Gems to complete (1000 for a piece)

Leader Skill CRIT boost +25% CRIT at the start
Crit- Mighty Blow (Einstina deals heavy damage to one target and boosts ATK for 2 turns)

Good single target burst
ATK Boost keeps her damage up even when not using a Crit
Likes to cuddle
Really good at caligraphy

200000 Courage gems for the worst 6* Mage
Seriously... 200000?!
Her puppet/shadow likes to cuddle
Never honest with her feelings

Should I get/level/awaken Einstina?
No, unless you're just rolling in courage gems late game and want a status symbol
Einstina is good in the fact she's a 6* hero, but that's pretty much where her good points stop.
Her base stats and potential growth even with awakening make her less viable than any of the other 6*s, however she does have good single target burst damage compared to the others who generally do AoE damage. Still, compared to Juralee, Einstina is inferior in every way, her ATK Boost still not covering the lower base stats.

Aka K-Pop, Kory, The Phantom Hand
5* Mage
40000 Courage Gems to complete (200 for a piece)

Leader Skill: CRIT Boost +20% Crit at the start
Crit- Destroy (Koris sends a wave of... boat things to deal strong AoE damage)

High ATK and CRIT mixed with AoE Crit
Better DEF than most mages
Well read, helpful when you need to write anything
3 Year breakdance champion

AoE is less effective on single targets and late dungeons (unless CRIT destroys the healers)
AoE is multi hit, calculating the targets defense per hit.
Spooky floating hand more apparant than on other character art
Has to win arguements, no matter what
Uses big words and poetic terms in normal conversation, gets mad at you when you don't understand

Should I get/level/awaken Koris?
Maybe, look at your team set up first
Koris is a very powerful AoE Mage having good all around stats and a strong CRIT attack. She adds great damage output to the team but less concentrated damage.
The AoE damage is strong enough to heavily damage the enemy frontline and poke the backline, making battles go more in your favor if the rest of your team can focus down the wounded units.
Awakening Koris and putting her on the top of the back row sends the AoE wave near the start of the fight, almost ensuring it will hit all enemy units (aside from dodge or if your frontline got a kill) allowing your following DPS units to potentially finish off the frontline in turn one (works better if they're awakened as well)
If you would rather focus on single target damage (for bossing or focusing down targets quickly) Koris may not be the best for your set up, but she's still got a strong Crit even against a single target (compared to other AoE Crits)

Aka Dodge Queen
5* Hunter
40000 Courage Gems to complete (200 for a piece)

Leader Skill: ATK Boost +20% ATK at the start
Crit- Shoot (Think "Fire" but with cannon balls. Marlina attacks a single target multiple times with increasing damage per shot)

Incredibly high damage (ATK and CRIT)
Incredibly strong single target Crit attack
Laughs at all your jokes

Squishy, has one of the lowest Base HPs of all Hunters (shared amongst a few)
May overkill with Crit Skill and waste damage output (not really a con, but it happens)
Takes food from your fridge without permission
Doesn't wash dishes. Ever

Should I get/level/awaken Marlina?
Yes, yes, and yea when you can.
Marlina is one of the best 5* Hunters as she combines everything a Hunter should be with a cute smile and a squirrel buddy. She's frail but then so is every other hunter or mage so keep her in the backline.
Awakening Marlina will increase her already high DPS as well as letting you get off a Crit attack that may outright kill an enemy on turn 1 before they get to attack, which quickly turns the tide of the battle in your favor (Tide... cause... you know, she's a pirate... hah~)
If you've had the misfortune of several players watching Marlina dodge 5 of your attacks in a row in the event you'll be happy to see her do it while fighting on your side.

Aka Jiggles, Foxy Roxy
6* Warrior
200000 Courage Gems to complete (1000 for a piece)

Leader Skill: ATK Boost +25% ATK at the start
Crit- Waterlog (Roxy sends a wave... thing down a row, hitting both front and backline)

Tanky with ok damage output
Crit can heavily damage or kill a backrow DPSer (not viable at high levels)
Bounce Physics
Softball/Baseball ringer for 7 years, considered "unfair" to have her on the team

200000 Courage Gems for the worst 6* warrior
Requires heavy dedication for a mediocre hero
Awkward bounce physics...
Her laugh is more annoying than nails on a chalkboard, and she does it constantly

Should I get/level/awaken Roxy?
No, unless you want a status symbol of "Look how long I've played PK, I sure am cool, also jiggly"
Roxy is inferior in every way (aside from base DEF) to Rathim who is far easier to get (well, more of chance, but better than the months to farm gems)
Roxy doesn't tank as well as any of the other 6* warriors and her damage output is lower than most. After all the time and effort it takes to get her, she's just sub par. Best spend Courage Gems on a better 5* or chests.

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Courage Hero Analysis Empty Re: Courage Hero Analysis

Post by Lanxe on Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:47 pm

Woah those heroes seems very expensive, how do you gather courage gems apart from the special event boss rewards.


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Courage Hero Analysis Empty Re: Courage Hero Analysis

Post by Soda on Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:48 pm

Certain events will have "voucher" exchanges, usually from a holiday like new years or christmas. These events usually have a way to turn several vouchers into Courage gems.
Additionally, the event exchange (weekly) will sometimes have a way to swap diamonds, gold, or other things for courage gems, but it's very randomized and most often not a great deal.
Attacking lower level bosses or the Mage of the events will allow you to deal more damage and essentially earn bonus Courage gems from the attack.

Also look here
At the bottom is a list that shows how many event points earn what reward
There are a few spots where you earn 1000+ Courage Gems, so try to aim for that durring the event week

It's time consuming yes, but some Courage Heroes are more than worth the time it takes to get them, just remember to save action points to fight bosses and to attack Bosses that you know you can deal decent damage to.

Hope that helps
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Courage Hero Analysis Empty Re: Courage Hero Analysis

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