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read questions before you speak Empty read questions before you speak

Post by someanonguyfromLoric on Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:34 am

this has been bugging me since last update (christmas 2014 update)

but everytime someone asks "is harry one of the best 5*"
people always answer "angel is best 5*"

this is a retarded answer, they didn't ask who the best 5* was ffs...
they asked if he was one of the best cards... not "THE BEST" card

and yes, everyone who actually bothered to use harry for at least one day know he's better than almost all the 5* hunters...
angel is a good 5*, but she's a mage... which is a different class... at least last i checked...

if they wanted to know who the best 5* out of all the 5* heroes were, they would have asked who the best 5* hero was.

you people need to learn to read the damn question entirely before answering stupidly... (this is aimed at the tards in wc in Loric)

/end rant


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